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Case Study: Protecting the world's largest private undersea cable system

The challenge, solution and success of protecting 67,000 route Kilometers of business critical fibre optic cable in the Persian Gulf.

Case Study: Protecting the world's largest private undersea cable system

Who: Global Cloud Xchange
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: Persian Gulf, Western Asia

The Challenge
Global Cloud Xchange owns the world's largest private undersea cable system spanning 67,000 route kms. It's used by 40 key business markets around the world. Global Cloud Xchange needed protection for the segments of the FALCON fibre-optic cable that lies in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf connecting Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran.

The Solution
AssetMonitor has been watching and averting vessel interference along the FALCON cable since 2012. Our 24/7 monitoring support allows Global Cloud Xchange to rest easy, and our monthly reports provide a pattern of vessel behaviour which can be used as additional research.

Customer Success
“We have found AssetMonitor as provided by UltraMAP to be very responsive to our requirements. The fully monitored AssetMonitor system provided by UltraMAP makes vessels aware of the presence of our cables in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, hence proactively reducing the risk of damage.” Kevin Biddulph. Marine Operations Manager

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