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Case Study: Protecting KPN's subsea cables in the Atlantic Ocean

The challenge, solution and success of protecting Royal Dutch Telecom's (KPN) 485km stretch of subsea fibre optic cables that connect the USA with the UK and Europe.

Case Study: Protecting KPN's subsea cables in the Atlantic Ocean

Who: Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN)
Sector: Telecommunications
Location: Atlantic Ocean

The Challenge
Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN) jointly manages the TAT-14 transatlantic subsea fibre optic cable system, connecting the USA with UK and Europe and UK-NL14 that directly connects The Netherlands to the UK. KPN is responsible for the protection of the Dutch segments of both of these cables that land at Katwijk.

The Solution
AssetMonitor protects 485km of subsea fibre optic cables, therefore forming one protective link in a much bigger chain of international protection companies. As KPN's responsibility grows, so too does our role in their asset protection.

Customer Success
"We’ve used AssetMonitor to protect our cables for a long time. And the support you get from UltraMAP is very good; they’re always open to ideas." Maarten Van Der Paard. Maintenance Offshore Liaison Officer.

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