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Benefiting the Renewable Energy Industry

In the world of Renewable Energy, billions of pounds worth of assets sit above and below the surface of our oceans.

Benefiting the Renewable Energy Industry

Here at UltraMAP we aim to help protect these surface assets and subsea cables whether you’re an individual company or part of a consortium.

With AssetMonitor providing live 24/7 web-based, ocean monitoring, nothing happens to our customers assets without UltraMAP knowing. The benefits AssetMonitor can bring to companies within the Renewable Energy Industry are very important.

Renewable energy

As the Renewable Energy Industry increases so does the amount of marine assets in our oceans. And they all need some form of protection. UltraMAP helps protect many companies in the Renewable Energy sector with subsea and surface assets by using AssetMonitor, so that they can continue to make the world a more sustainable place.

The following ways that AssetMonitor can be of benefit include:
-    Protecting offshore wind turbines
-    Protecting and preventing damage to tidal or wave generators
-    Protecting and preventing damage to subsea electricity cables
-    Protecting our interactive environment by allowing safe transport of energy underwater

How does it work?

Protecting your subsea and surface assets can save companies a lot of time, effort and money as well as providing peace of mind that your assets are being constantly monitored.

With AssetMonitor, subsea and surface assets can be monitored 24/7 for any vessel activity around protected zones, raising an alarm if a vessel enters the protected zone. UltraMAP can then decide whether the vessel is a threat to the subsea or surface assets.

No fuss, no drama, no worries. Just guaranteed protection.

So, if you’re a company with assets 'in or on' the oceans, we recommend you get in touch with the UltraMAP team. Whether your work is connected to wind farms, tidal energy farms or Oil rigs for example, we’ll help you to keep your assets safe.

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