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Benefiting the Oil and Gas Industry.

How UltraMAP can benefit the Oil and Gas Industry.

Benefiting the Oil and Gas Industry.

Currently there are billions of pounds worth of rigs and subsea cables sitting below the surface of the oceans, belonging to some of the biggest companies in the Oil and Gas industry. And protection for these is a must.

Providing a live, 24/7, web-based feed, AssetMonitor is always monitoring the oceans. If anything happens in the oceans, we're the first to know, and you're the second. Very helpful when you have Oil rigs and subsea cables on and below the oceans.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas Industries have played a huge role in the Energy Industry over the years. With many Oil rigs and subsea cables providing essential Oil and Gas to us every day, they all need protection.

Ways in which AssetMonitor can help you include;

-    Protecting offshore Oil surface rigs and platforms  
-    Protecting and preventing damage to Oil subsea cables and pipes
-    Protecting and preventing damage to Gas subsea cables and pipes
-    Protecting the lives of those who work in these highly volatile environments.

How does it benefit me?

Protecting your Oil rigs, subsea cables and pipes save companies a huge amount of time, effort and money. Investing to protect your assets will save you in the long run from potential large repair costs. UltraMAP also provide the peace of mind that your assets are being constantly monitored.

No fuss, no drama, no worries. Just guaranteed protection.

Here at UltraMAP we aim to help protect subsea cables and Oil surface rigs and Platforms whether you’re an individual company or part of a consortium. So, if you have assets in or on the oceans, you need to speak to UltraMAP.

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