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AssetMonitor: we know the solution before you know the problem

So, here’s the thing…

AssetMonitor: we know the solution before you know the problem

There are millions of subsea and surface assets across the oceans of the world. Things such as oil rigs and wind farms constitute surface assets - and things such as wave farms, power cables, internet cables and phone cables constitute subsea assets.
And UltraMAP can look after all of them, live, every minute of every day.

As our customer base grows, so does the business world’s understanding of what UltraMAP and AssetMonitor actually do. Namely, the fact that we don’t just look after ocean based assets ‘in the now’… but ‘in the future.’

Seeing into the future

One of the services AssetMonitor can deliver is pre-emptive research and monitoring.

So, as well as looking after assets already in our oceans… we also look after assets that are yet to become part of our oceans.

If you’re a company wanting to find out more about vessel activity in a specific area of a specific ocean; we can tell you. By using AssetMonitor, we can track trends and identify hot-spots so that you can assess how – and where – your business should proceed.
Over a set period of time, in a set square mileage of ocean, UltraMAP can produce a statistical report on vessel activity.
This allows UltraMAP clients to be wise before the event.

Sometimes the quickest route from A to B might not be the safest; and you need to know before you commit expensive assets to the oceans.

When your subsea or surface assets can be worth millions… don’t make a move without AssetMonitor.  
And when your reputation is worth a lifetime of hard work… you MUST call UltraMAP before you make your decisions.

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