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AssetMonitor - Tailored to each individual customer

Here's what happens for new customers in the first few months of using the AssetMonitor service.

AssetMonitor - Tailored to each individual customer

UltraMAP prides itself on not just being a hard-working 24/7 web service helping to protect ocean based assets. We also work closely with our customers to make sure that their AssetMonitor is tailored for them.

At the start of each new AssetMonitor contract, even though AssetMonitor is rich with tools to facilitate customer DIY, UltraMAP creates protection zones with an appropriate shape and size for each asset being monitored and then loads those zones with rules specifically built to detect vessel behaviour that will cause damage.

However, that’s just the start.

Over the first 1-2 months of monitoring for a new customer, we work with that customer to make sure that the AssetMonitor system is working for them. We know from experience that every asset lives in a unique geographic environment in terms of sea floor, water depth, active vessel types, commercial activity etc so we know that the zones and protection rules often need change to accommodate that environment.

As a service we’re geared up to making sure that we detect all possible damaging activity, but ignore as many false alarms as possible. We aren’t just an organisation that sets off an alarm every time a ship sails by.

We also know that environments change. For example, seasonal fishing licences and quotas, new dredging activity, work on the seabed etc. So we also work with our customers to tweak zones and rules to make sure they fit with those changes.

Finally, our customers know they can also rely upon us to support them with reporting and investigative work... using our vast store of historic data along with our experience in translating that data.

If you would like to know more about the AssetMonitor service please contact us online or give us a call on +44 (0) 191 233 6351.

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