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AssetMonitor, BritNed & subsea cable protection

This is what our fabulous clients, BritNed, say about themselves…

AssetMonitor, BritNed & subsea cable protection

“BritNed is the owner and operator of the high voltage direct current Interconnector between the Isle of Grain (GB) and Maasvlakte (NL). We deliver unparalleled efficiency, reliability and safety, vital to the energy needs of Great Britain and the north-western European Region.”

What they mean is... they help to power our part of the world.

And we help them to feel safe and secure in doing that.

AssetMonitor and BritNed
AssetMonitor provides a 24/7, web-based AIS, subsea protection service. BritNed provides a 260km electricity interconnector, running along the ocean floor between the UK and the Netherlands.

With such diverse occupation of our oceans these days, everyone has to be respectful, careful and self-aware. The ocean community must help each other to stay safe, and this is where subsea cable monitoring and protection comes in.

Even when cables are lying deep below the sea, they can be at risk of damage caused by fishing activity and vessels anchoring over the cable both throughout the construction phase and after they become operational.

There’s so much activity, all very cleverly going about their business and avoiding each other. When you can see obstructions, this is easy of course – when you can’t see obstructions, you need a little help.

How does AssetMonitor work?
This is the technical bit...

- Our AssetMonitor service is fundamentally about knowing the geographical position of the cables and knowing the live vessel positions around the cables, at all times. Vessel positions are derived from globally scattered AIS data sources – some of these sources are existing commercial services and some are AIS antenna put in place by the asset owner.

- We define a protection zone around the subsea or surface asset and, if any vessel exhibits potentially dangerous activity in or around this zone, we alert our client. This is done in whatever way’s most suitable to the individual business, usually a text message as this is nice and quick. The text has all the information the client needs- such as the type of vessel, its location, details of how it broke the rules and a link to find out even more about the vessel.

- To detect dangerous behaviour, AssetMonitor constantly monitors and records all relevant AIS signals. These tell us how many vessels are near the protection zone, what type of vessel they are, what direction they’re moving in and at what speed. If they erratically change course... we know instantly. If they pick up speed... we know instantly.   If they do anything unexpected... we know instantly.

And this is what AssetMonitor’s all about... knowing. If anything happens that shouldn’t; we know.

BritNed Case Study
The service was first used by Guernsey and Jersey Electrical Channel Islands Grid (CIEG) to protect the two 90,000 Volt submarine cables that supply power and fibre optic communications from France to Jersey and onwards to Guernsey.

AssetMonitor was initially selected by ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, who were contracted to construct and lay the BritNed cable.

During construction, the AssetMonitor service combined with guard vessel cover at BritNed mid-point. The collaboration extended to the delivery of AssetMonitors alerts to Duty Managers who passed on the alerts to guard vessels so that they could investigate immediately. The system went live in less than four weeks and started to save thousands of Euros per day that were being spent on manual monitoring of BridNed’s route.

After the BritNed cable went live, AssetMonitor remained in place under the management of the BritNed company, continuing to alert when potential danger was present.

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