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An introduction to AssetMonitor [Video]

The internet and its reliance on subsea cabling - an introduction to AssetMonitor by UltraMAP Commercial Director Martin Connelly.

An introduction to AssetMonitor [Video]

Earlier this month we took the decision to create several videos for our viewers to help tell the story of AssetMonitor and its benefits.

This first video by commercial director Martin Connelly is an introduction to UltraMAP's marine asset protection service, AssetMonitor. Supporting the telecommunications, energy, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, AssetMonitor is a service that monitors and protects subsea cables and surface assets from the likes of vessel damage.

Watch the video below...

And here's what Martin has to say in the video...

"The telecommunications sector is vital to today's modern world."

"Submarine cables carry all of the world's internet traffic between countries and continents. And therefore it's important that those submarine cables stay in action and help today's economy to continue to operate 24/7."

"And that's where UltraMAP come in. UltraMAP operates a 24/7 service called AssetMonitor and we prevent damage to submarine cables."

Thank you for viewing and reading. If you'd like to learn more about UltraMAP and AssetMonitor please get in touch here. We'd love to hear from you.

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