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AIS: The brains behind subsea AssetMonitor

Asset Monitor is very, very clever. But without AIS, it couldn’t possibly do its job.

AIS: The brains behind subsea AssetMonitor

AIS, or Automatic Identification System, tells us where any vessel is at any time. This allows AssetMonitor to protect subsea power cables and gas pipelines from sea vessels which may interfere or damage the lines. The tracking system device, which broadcasts the vessels information, allows ships to be located instantly and identified anywhere within the oceans. And if AssetMonitor knows where they are, then AssetMonitor can protect your subsea property.

This web based AIS Monitor is a live feed which runs 24 hours, meaning there is constant subsea cable monitoring. Having a live feed allows vessels to be located even before they reach a protected zone containing subsea cables.

The moment a vessel is seen to be entering a protected zone, AssetMonitor knows all there is to know about it. If the vessel is deemed to be a threat to subsea assets - ie, if it has trailing nets like a fishing boat - then AssetMonitor sends an alarm to the owner of the cables so that a decision can be made about the appropriate action. Most of the time, it’s a simple request for the vessel to change course and move away from the protected zone.

Subsea energy cables and telecoms cables… and surface rigs and windfarms are just some of the assets we protect, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

AssetMonitor and subsea cable protection is vital to keeping the world turning. One subsea cable can light a coastline, connect cities or power a country. Imagine how life would be without them?! 

The sea is one of the safest places on the planet for cables to be - but there are always risks. And AssetMonitor limits those risks. It’s that simple.

In the areas of the ocean we protect… nothing happens without is knowing. And that’s the way it’ll stay.

AssetMonitor sources the problem AND provides the solution.
AssetMonitor saves time, saves money and, day by day, saves the environment.

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