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A safe bet for your marine asset protection

Providing the best protection for your subsea and surface assets.

A safe bet for your marine asset protection

There is no other way around it. Without protecting your subsea cables and surface assets you leave yourself at risk of damage, which could leave you in a sticky situation.

The statistic that still surprises many people is that over 98% of all communications are transported globally via a network of optical fibre submarine cables, and not via satellite. 

Unless your subsea cables are under constant, live monitoring, you can’t know what is happening under the sea all of the time until it’s too late. Damage to marine assets isn’t cheap or quick to repair.

Not just a safe bet. Your best bet too.   

Using the Technology of AssetMonitor we can monitor your subsea cables and surface assets with a live, 24/7 feed. We know what’s happening in the oceans at all times and your marine assets stay protected under constant surveillance.

To find out how AssetMonitor could protect your assets speak to UltraMAP.

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