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The Management Team

Martin Connelly

Commercial Director

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Andrew Desforges

Operations Director

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Since 2008, Martin’s professional background has been connected to the ever-changing technologies surrounding the protection of subsea and surface assets such as telecom cables and gas lines.

Working with the globally renowned EADS Astrium has allowed Martin to progress into the highly specialised and uniquely innovative area of AssetMonitor.  

“Whether behind the scenes or client-facing, my knowledge of this industry allows me to not only innovate around existing solutions, but to pro-actively address issues which will clearly arise in months and years to come. As a company, it’s UltraMAP’s job to constantly make it simpler, faster and more affordable to look after our client’s ocean based assets - and make it easier, quicker and more reactive for our clients to look after themselves.”

Since 1998, Andrew has worked with geographical information systems, application development and data capture.

Andrew’s vast experience allows him to intuitively react to the ever changing environment of ocean based asset protection; not only delivering what clients need today, but also predicting what they’ll need tomorrow.

“AssetMonitor looks after the assets; but UltraMAP looks after the client. Every client will have different needs depending on geography, sector, size of operation and type of asset - and their needs will change as and when the world changes. Increased fishing in certain parts of the world will mean a complete re-evaluation of the service we provide there - that’s for me to know, track and monitor; so the client doesn’t have to worry.”

The Support & Development Team

Simon King

Support Manager

Alberto Serra

Senior Technical Architect

Mark Cave-Ayland

Senior Technical Architect

Roy Schestowitz

Support Engineer

Rianne Schestowitz

Support Engineer

Andrew Wilkins

Support Engineer

Jane King

Support Engineer

Christine Murdock

Office Manager

Carolyn Watson

Office Administrator

Clarke Adamson


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