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AssetMonitor by UltraMAP protects subsea and surface assets from vessel activity


About Us

UltraMAP ... the home of AssetMonitor

AssetMonitor has a pedigree and heritage stemming from the globally renowned EADS Astrium (European Aeronautic Defence and Space), now known as Airbus Defence and Space.

AssetMonitor was such a uniquely innovative breakthrough, that the team behind it created a dedicated platform, called UltraMAP.

AssetMonitor from UltraMAP now protects billions of pounds worth of ocean based assets, for more than 30 companies across the world.

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UltraMAP ... the home of AssetMonitor


AssetMonitor Concept Born

AssetMonitor concept of web-based protection for submarine and offshore assets was born as part of EADS Astrium. It becomes one of the most significant innovations in ocean based asset protection this century.

July 2008

AssetMonitor First Customer

AssetMonitor goes live with our first client - Channel Island Electricity Grid.

December 2009

AssetMonitor Grows

AssetMonitor quickly grows on a global scale, with clients across Europe, the US, Africa and the Middle East. (British Telecom, Transbay Cable, Mauritius Telecom)

July 2012

UltraMAP formed

UltraMAP is formed to focus exclusively on the growing demand for AssetMonitor. This allows for significant advancements to core features such as a tier-3 hosted server with 24/7 cover. Since 2013, the 24/7 cover has extended to accessing our helpdesk and our monitoring team.

February 2013

UltraMAP Modernises

UltraMAP upgrades its web site to show the global reach of AssetMonitor. UltraMAP pro-actively assesses the ocean; innovating solutions to changes in the environment, in industry and in local communities. With every piece of information AssetMonitor gathers, we can more readily predict patterns of ocean behaviour in order to solve problems before they even arise.

July 2015

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